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Crago and Craigo Families from Putnam County, W.Va.


Family of Madison “Matt” Craigo

Generation No. 2


MADISON CRAIGO (GEORGE CRAGO) was born 17 October 1840, and died 16 February 1913.  He married (1) ANGELINE KERSEY 24 June 1863 in Putnam Co, WV.  She was born 20 March 1842 in Virginia, and died 01 June 1885.  He married (2) M. C. SHAWVER 21 January 1890 in Putnam Co, WV.




ii. GEORGE H. CRAIGO, b. 16 May 1864, Putnam Co, WV; d. 12 April 1881.

iii. JAMES MADISON CRAIGO, b. 29 May 1866, Putnam Co, WV; d. 28 February 1930, Charleston,  Kanawha CountyW.Va..

iv. ULYSSES S. CRAIGO, b. 12 November 1867; d. 03 December 1884.

v.                SARAH E. CRAGO, b. 18 February 1870; d. 1933.         

vi              MINERVA (NELL) A CRAIGO, b. 24 October 1871, Putnam County, West Virginia; d. 1953, Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia.        

vii.EMMA DELL CRAIGO, b. 21 September 1873, Plymouth, Putnam County, W.Va.; d. 11 October 1959, Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia. 

viii. JOSEPH L CRAIGO, b. 10 May 1875; d. 1896, Mine Accident.

ix. JOHN ELSWORTH CRAIGO, b. 30 January 1877, Raymond City, , West Virginia; d. 06 June 1938, Charleston, Kanawha County, W.Va..

x. WAITMAN W CRAIGO, b. 06 April 1879, Putnam County, West Virginia; d. 1938, Sweet Springs, West Virginia; m. MELISSA HARMON; b. 1874; d. 1955.

xi. RANSON EVERETT CRAIGO, b. 13 November 1880, Putnam County; d. 1959, Sweet Springs West Virginia.

xii.WILLIAM ERNEST CRAIGO, b. 04 May 1882, Putnam County, West Virginia; d. 29 July 1958, Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia.

xiii. STELLA CRAIGO, b. 23 May 1885; d. November 1885; m. OLIVER CARNES (POSSIBLY).



The following is quoted from the research of William Earnest Craigo Jr

Madison Craigo was born in Putnam County Oct. 17, 1840. He married Angeline Kersey June 6, 1873. Angeline and Madison were cousins and became parents of eight sons and four daughters. Angeline died June 1, 1885 after the birth of Stella, Stella only lived about six months.

Madison enlisted in Company A 22nd Virgina Infantry on May 22nd 1861. This was a Confederate outfit. He was wounded in the hip July 1, 1861 in the battle of Scary Creek. After he recovered he joined the Union Army Lt. Blundons Compnay 8th Reg. Virginia Infantry Oct. 5th 1861. After W.Va. became a state the unit was changed to Compnay F 7th W.Va. Calvary. They had duty between Charleston, W.Va. and Martinsburg from 1861 to 1864.

In action at Gauley Bridge when the bridge across the Gauley River was burned, Madison had his horse shot out from under him. He escaped by jumping on a fellow soldiers horse and riding double. He lost his rifle when his horse fell.

While he had Typhoid Fever his outfit moved off and left him, someone took his shoes thinking he was not going to get well, so when he recovered he had no shoes. So he wrapped his feet in rags and walked quite a few miles to rejoin his outfit. He was mustered out of the Army at Charleston, W.Va. August 1, 1865, having served about four years.


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