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Crago and Craigo Families from Putnam County, W.Va.


Family of James Franklin “Frank” Crago

Generation No. 3

JAMES FRANKLIN CRAGO (WILLIAM H., GEORGE) was born 27 June 1860 in Putnam County, VA.  He met (1) AMERICA JANE STEVENS.  She was born 14 August 1863, and died 08 January 1930.  He married (2) AMAZETTA CATHERINE LANHAM 11 November 1886 in Putnam Co, WV, daughter of ARIUS LANHAM and HARRIET WITHROW.  She was born Abt. 1867 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, and died 28 April 1951 in Ward, Kanawha County, West Virginia.



                    i.    WALTER BRUSTON CRAGO, b. 03 December 1883, Paradise, Putnam County,  W.Va.; d. 14 March 1965, Dunbar, Kanawha County,  W.Va..



iii. IDA ANN CRAIGO, b. 27 November 1887, Putnam Co. W.Va.; d. 30 January 1960, Ward, Kanawha County, W.Va.

iv. HENRY ELBIN CRAGO, b. Abt. January 1889, Putnam Co, WV.       

v. LAWRENCE E. CRAIGO, b. 26 October 1896, Putnam Co. WV; d. March 1967.         

vi. CLARENCE MELVIN CRAGO, b. 07 April 1891, Plymouth, WV; d. 01 November 1957.         

vii. HARRY L. CRAIGO, b. Abt. February 1893, Putnam Co. WV.                   

viii. ARTHUR EARL CRAIGO, b. 21 June 1901, Putnam Co. WV; d. 03 June 1973, Newcomerstown, Tuscarawas, Ohio.             

ix. MYRTLE MAE CRAIGO, b. 23 March 1895, Putnam Co. WV; d. 24 January 1937.

x. LOUIS CRAIGO, b. Abt. 1903, Putnam Co, WV.

xi. EDNA J. CRAIGO, b. Abt. September 1898, Putnam Co. WV; m. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN JORDAN.

xii. NELLIE CRAIGO, b. Abt. 1905, Putnam Co. WV.

xiii. MARK CRAGO, b. Abt. 1907, Putnam Co. WV.

xiv.            STELLA CRAGO.



                         WILLIAM WOODSON WALTON "HENRY" BRUGH, b. 28 February 1887; d. 11 July 1968

SELDON ROBERT BRUGH, b. 15 May 1891; d. 15 November 1951; m. CELIA BAILEY; b. 12 July 1905; d. 21 August 2000, Jacksonville, Florida.

HOUSTON CLAUDE BRUGH, b. 04 February 1899; d. February 1968, Duval County, Florida; m. ALICE ELIZABETH PAUGH, 26 April 1919; b. 11 October 1899; d. 10 February 1999, Palm Gardens of Ocala.

HARRY LAKE BRUGH, b. 12 May 1889, West Virginia; d. 20 May 1985, Traverse City, Grand Traverse County,  MI; m. (1) BEATRICE GAY, 18 December 1915; m. (2) LEANORA BETHUNE, 10 July 1972, Florida; b. 23 September 1897; d. 05 June 1989, Garfield, Grand Traverse County, MI.



Frank & Jane were never married. 

Amazetta Catherine Lanham is sometimes reported as being spelled Emezetta Catherine Lanham.

Frank & Catherine have a male infant child buried in OldAntiochCemetery, known only as E. Crago.


 Marriage License for James Franklin Crago and Amazetta Catherine Lanham.

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Seldon Robert & Celia (Bailey) Brugh are buried in Evergreen Cemetery -  Section G - Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida

Houston Claude & Alice (Paugh) Brugh are buried in Evergreen Cemetery - Section 18  Block 3 - Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida

Houston Brugh was buried 6 February 1968.


I am not real clear on the proper name of William Henry Brugh.

I believe his name at birth was  William Henry Brugh.

Later he was known as Walton Henry Brugh.

Also at some point he decided to start spelling his surname Brough.

I believe Brough may have been the original spelling of the surname before Heronimus Brugh left Germany for America.

Likewise I don't know if the name Woodson belongs to him or not.

Alpha Jane Johnson was the 4th wife of Walton Henry Brough.

His first wife was Mona Blanche Bobbitt.

His second wife was his step-sister, Maude Bowling.

His third wife was Mary Bridges.

Walton and Alpha Jane  had one child together. A daughter named after Walton's mother, America Jane.

The cemetery marker for Walton Henry Brough incorrectly list his birth year as 1883. It should read 1887.

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