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Crago and Craigo Families from Putnam County, W.Va.


Family of George Riley Crago

Generation No. 2

 GEORGE RILEY CRAGO (GEORGE CRAGO) was born 06 August 1835 in Virginia, and died 18 August 1923 in Poca, Putnam, West Virginia.  He married MARY LUCY CARTER 13 December 1862 in Kanawha County, WV.  She was born 13 July 1840, and died 02 May 1933.


Children of GEORGE CRAGO and MARY CARTER are:

i. GLORIA CRAIGO, b. 1858.

                   ii.    WILLIAM LEWIS CRAGO, b. Abt. May 1866; d. 1943.

iii. JANE CRAIGO, b. 1867, Virginia  (West Virginia).

iv. SARAH E. CRAIGO, b. Abt. 1868, Putnam Co, WV.

                  v.    FLORENCE EVALINE CRAGO, b. 01 December 1870, Putnam Co. WV.

                  vi.    LUTHER VANCE CRAIGO, b. 29 August 1873; d. 09 September 1945.

                 vii.    GEORGE FRANKLIN CRAGO, b. 04 May 1880; d. 06 April 1960, Red House, Putnam Co. WV.

                viii.    EVA CRAGO, b. 1888.


The following is quoted from the research of William Earnest Craigo Jr.

George R. Craigo enlisted in the Confederate Army, Company A 22nd Virginia Infantry on May 22nd 1861

At Poca, Va  And deserted five days later at Buffalo.

On July 5, 1861 he enlisted in the Union Army at Mason City, Va. Company B 4th Virginia Infantry

And served until July 5th 1864 at which time he was given a disability discharge.

He had been wounded in the battle of Vicksburg.

He spent time in hospitals at St. Louis and Memphis.


George Riley & Mary Lucy (Carter) Crago are buried in Old Antioch Cemetery Confidence, Putnam County, W.Va.

Disability Discharge provided by Sherry Sowards.

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