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Crago and Craigo Families from Putnam County, W.Va.


Family of George Crago

Generation No. 1

  GEORGE CRAGO was born 1792 in Ohio, and died 05 October 1844.  He married SARAH (SALLIE) MARTIN Abt. 1821 in Ross, Ohio.  She was born 1794 in Virginia, and died 05 April 1887 in W.Va..

Children of GEORGE CRAGO and SARAH MARTIN are:

 i. MILDRED CRAIGO, b. 1833, Kanawha County - Virginia; d. 1913.

 ii. DELIA JANE CRAGO, b. Abt. 1838, Virginia.

iii. HARRISON CRAGO, b. 17 October 1840;  Virginia; d. 17 June 1902.

iv. GEORGE RILEY CRAGO, b. 06 August 1835, Virginia; d. 18 August 1923, Poca, Putnam County, West Virginia.

v. JOHN CRAGO, b. 1827, Ohio.

vi. WILLIAM H. CRAGO, b. 24 August 1832; d. 30 December 1904.

vii. MADISON CRAGO, b. 17 October 1840; d. 16 February 1913.

viii. JAMES CRAGO, b. 1820.

ix. CYNTHIA CRAGO. b. 1827, Virginia




The Horn Papers - Are they contrived nonsense? Most likely, yes! Read More

George Crago is believed to be the child of Thomas Crago and his wife Ms. Pertie. I offer the following explanation from the Horn Papers courtesy of Farrel Crago.

Louis Cragow, a native of French Alsace, was born in 1721 and went to England in 1742. There he married Anne Barton in 1745.

In 1746 he and Anne immigrated to Philadelphia. In 1750, after the organization of Cumberland County, Pa., Louis took his wife and son James and located in that part of the country, which later became Bedford County. In 1766, he brought his family to Cumberland Township.


Louis and Anne had three sons and one daughter:

James Cragow, born in Philadelphia in 1749.

John Cragow, born in Cumberland Co., in 1757.

William Cragow, born in Cumberland Co.

Mary Cragow,  born in Cumberland Co.


James and his father Louis, were polled by Daniel Moredock Sr

for Virginia in 1773. Louis was registered for 1766. However, James was registered for 1770, which was when he had reached his majority. It was at this time that the CLERK dropped the ‘W’ from his name and registered him as JAMES CRAGO. James left two sons: Robert Crago and Thomas Crago.

To tie the above in to the Thomas Crago and Miss Pertie we can use a letter that was written by Nathaniel A Winks, a son of Deborah Crago Winks and a grandson of Thomas Crago

and Miss Pertie.

In Nathaniel’s letter he states that his mother was French.

Also, descendants of George have claimed that he had  French connections. As Louis Cragow has been the only connection to France that has been found, we must assume that the Thomas Crago that came down the Ohio River and settled near Piketon, Ohio is a direct descendant. If the above is correct, then:

Our earlier genealogy would therefore be as follows.

Louis Cragow and Anne Barton


James Crago

Thomas Crago m. Miss Pertie

Thomas Crago

John  Crago

James Crago

George Crago married Sarah ( Sallie ) Martin

Deborah  Crago

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