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Crago and Craigo Families from Putnam County, W.Va.


Family of Henry Elbin Crago

Generation No. 4

HENRY ELBIN CRAGO  (JAMES FRANKLIN, WILLIAM H., GEORGE) was born 18 January 1889 in Putnam Co, WV.  He married GLADYS BLAKE 12 November 1911 in Putnam Co, WV, daughter of CURTIS BLAKE and DORA PARKINS.  She was born Abt. 1891.


Children of HENRY CRAGO and GLADYS BLAKE are:

                    i.    LOREN LEIGH CRAIGO, b. 01 April 1925, Kanawha Co. WV; d. 15 December 1999, Oak Hill, WV.

ii. ELBIN B. CRAIGO, b. 11 October 1922; d. 02 October 1961.

iii. RONALD FRANK CRAGO, b. 7 November 1912; d. 31 July 1990

iv. VELMA CRAGO, b. 1917. m. Everette Carte

                  v.    LESTA FRANCES CRAIGO, b. 28 March 1918; d. 08 March 1989.

vi.   MAMIE ETHEL CRAIGO, b. 1935; d. 12 April 1940

vii. GLENNA CRAIGO, b. 1921; m. Norman Wood

viii. HAROLD WAYNE CRAIGO, b. 1927; m. Ruth McNeeley

ix. GLADYS NADINE CRAIGO, b. 1928 ; m. Roy Treadway

x. DORA JANET CRAIGO, b. 24 September 1931; m. Oliver Milton Young

xi. MINNIE KATHERINE CRAIGO, b. Unknown; m. Clyde H. Johnson


 More About ELBIN B. CRAIGO:

Burial: Unknown, Mt. Lewis Cemetery - Kelley's Creek Road - Kanawha County

Henry Elbin was always known by his middle name.

Gladys Blake’s sister Vaughn “Vonnie” Blake was married to Simon Alva Craigo.


Mamie Ethel Craigo's obituary claims six brothers and sisters survive. Who is not listed above?

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