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Ralph was born in Dunbar, W.Va. He was a U.S. Marine and a veteran of World War II.

After leaving W.Va. Ralph lived in Louisiana, Ohio and Florida. Ralph lived many years in Columbus, Ohio where he ran a bar and grill.

Ralph is said to have had nine wives during his life. We know he has two daughters Deborah, and Cassandra. And he has a son in Texas named Marshall.

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The purpose of this website is to document the history of the Crago and Craigo families with ties to Putnam County, West Virginia. And to provide links to other branches that at present do not seem to connect to the Putnam County family.

Please help me to document our shared family history with personal stories, photos and any other useful information you care to share.

The original spelling of the surname is Crago, pronounced Kreg-o not Cray-go as many would presume. Because of this many spelling variations have occurred.

Crago and Craigo are the two most common among them.

Ralph Norman Craigo

b. 01 Dec 1927

d. 26 May 2000

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